• 56 boats, record of registrations, 12 countries represented and more than 900 navigators
  • The regatta of reference celebrates 10 years by bringing together the elite of the history of sports sailing to Barcelona
  • This “living and floating museum” can be enjoyed both in sea and from the coast and beaches of Barcelona

Cartel X edición Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona (1)

This afternoon the X Barcelona Puig Vela Classica regatta begins, ​​and it will be an edition marked by the historical record of participating boats -56 registered sailboats- as well as by the countries represented in it -12 flags of Europe and America- . These great figures will make Barcelona from today until the 15th of July the world epicentre of classic and vintage sailing.

Nearly a thousand yachtsmen from Spain and countries like France, United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Uruguay or Argentina, will compete in the waters of the Catalan capital offering a unique spectacle of the purest art of navigation.

An anniversary edition with unique models that have marked the history of the sports sailing

For the first time the Puig Vela Classica brings together the winners of the previous edition, Moonbeam III in Big Boats, Sonata in Marconi Époque, Marigold in Cangreja Époque, Guia in Classics A and Alba in Classics B.

There are also some important boats making their debut in this historic regatta, among which it is worth mentioning the impressive Big Boat Xarifa 1927, with a length of over 50 meters, the Classic Il Moro di Venezia I, which started a legend in the early seventies and, of Vintage Argentinean Cippino, expressly arrived from its country to compete for the first time in European waters.
All of them will compete in the categories of Marconi and Cangreja Époque (boats made of wood or metal launched before the 31st of December of 1949); Classics A and B (built in wood or metal according to the original drawings and launched between the 1st of January of 1950 and 31st of December of 1975) and Big Boats (Vintage and Classic boats with lengths from 25 meters).

Some of more than a century, others which “only” turn 90 years old

This tenth edition is an important milestone for Gypsy of “Petete” Rubio, who celebrates the 90th anniversary of the boat. “We want to take advantage of this regatta to celebrate the anniversary of the Gypsy. We have participated in all the editions of Puig Vela Classica and we would like to win this year. We had the honour of inaugurating the record book of the Cangreja Époque trophy and it would be the icing on the cake to do it again”. As a detail of the current event, the organization has awarded the Gypsy the number 90 to join the celebration.

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Barcelona, ​​epicentre of the most classic art of navigation

Every year there is more people coming to the Catalan capital to attend this show, famous for the beauty of its scene and the historical and cultural richness of its surroundings. Puig turns the waters of the Catalan capital into a nautical spectacle that has become a social and sports summer event of reference on the coast of Barcelona for its extraordinary beauty and elegance.

This event can be viewed from different locations such as Port Vell or Port Olimpic, as well as from the same beaches of La Barceloneta or Sant Miquel. On the other hand, those who own a boat or who decide to rent it, will have the luxury of enjoying the proximity of these legendary boats directly in the sea.

And the truth is that there is no other capital in the world that shelters a regatta of classic boats like the one received by Barcelona every year. Among the dreamt destinations that usually offer classic sailing events such as Cannes, Antibes, Antigua, Newport or the Isle of Wight, only one of them is a capital of international significance and importance: Barcelona.