This boat was originally designed and built following the International Rule of the 12 meters in order to compete in races from that category. It was a gift from the Senator Giovanni Agnelli to his son-in-law, Carlo Nasi. Due to his unexpected departure to South America, the construction of the vessel was delayed and she was sold to Attilio Bruzzone, a powerful member of the Italian Royal Yacht Club, who changed the original rigging to a Bermudan rigging. She sailed for the first time on the 16th of September 1930. She owes her name to the wife of Attilio, also called Emilia.

During the thirties, the Emilia participated in several regattas held in Genoa and Cannes. Between 1951 and 1975, the vessel was owned by E. Coppola, a popular banker who withdrew her from the competitions and tied her between the ports of Genoa, Portofino and Cap Ferrat.

In 1988 she was bought by Sterzi Adriana, a wealthy businessman from Spezia. Her interiors were restored in the Beconcinni shipyard, thanks to the work of renowned architect Pinto. From the 28th of July 1990, the Emilia has been sailing with a completely rejuvenated aspect.

Since 2002, she belongs to Marco Riccardo Gastaldi and Jacques Siccotte, who moored her in the Italian port of Alassio. Both made the decision to recover the original spirit of the Emilia so as to, therefore, make her race in the category of the 12 meters and Classic Yachts in different Mediterranean countries, as she does nowadays.