Carlos de Javier and Jacinto Raventós, the current owners of the Zacapa find it on Internet and they didn’t doubt for a moment to move to Croatia to gain it and bring it to Barcelona. It is one of Frers JR first designs. The Zacapa supposed a whole revolution from pleasure sailing to competition. When Carlos and Jacinto arrived to the Split port they found a yacht in poor conditions, due to its hard voyage by the Atlantic Ocean from Rosario (Argentina) to the Croatian port.

Far from getting discouraged for those circumstances, they bet for this yacht, which raced in some regattas even its multiple repairs.

Before this debut in competition there was still one thing to do: rename the yacht. According to Carlos de Javier’s version “the name of the yacht it’s a wordplay. It is both: a tribute to the name “Zapa” of Errol Flynn, that I always dreamed to have, and the Centenary Zacapa Rum 23 years old Reserve that we used to celebrate its purchase.