• The regatta has became one of the referential competitions in the international calendar of the classic yachts
  • Half hundred vintage yachts will turn the waters of Barcelona into a floating museum accessible to all
  • The nautical legends will come from the Pasarela Rambla de Mar and will approach to the beaches of Barcelona for citizens and visitors can enjoy this unique spectacle

One year more the Puig Vela Clàssica regatta will turn Barcelona into the Mediterranean capital of classic and vintage sailing. On this occasion, and following the success of the previous editions, we will see the regatta’s further consolidation on the international regatta calendar of classic and vintage yachts. Those who came to enjoy this competition will have the opportunity to approach to some of the boats that had became an essential reference of the classic sailing of the last two centuries.

Until July 14th crews coming from our country and other places of the world like France, England, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Bahamas, United States and Canada will race on the Catalan capital waters to offer us a unique spectacle at the nautical heart of the city. Just 5 minutes away from La Sagrada Família and 10 minutes from the Barrio Gotico. Something that any other regatta at the Mediterranean can offer to their sailors.


Boats that were registered last year are now repeating the experience encouraged by the awesome conditions of Barcelona’s port waters, as well as for the high level of the competition. According to the estimations, more than 1.200 people –between sailors and companions- will participate on this event, expected by citizens and visitors. During the three days time of the competition the yachts will sail in front of the coast of Barcelona on triangular routes or coastal trials along the marked route.

Apart from the presence of the previous edition winners as The Blue Peter, the Malabar X, the Argos or the Moonbeam III, this year the city will enjoy some new nautical pieces that have forged the sportive sailing tradition of the 19th century. That’s the case of the Creole and Avel, as well as the German Samarkand and Rhea, the British Eugenia V, Kalpie, the French Irene V and the Spanish Margarita.

After the participants welcome held this afternoon at the Village of the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club, sailors have been doing the last minute arrangements on their boats to get them ready for the first trials that will start tomorrow at 13pm. According to the Meteorological Service of Catalonia the sailing conditions will be optimum, for it’s expected a wind between 10 and 13 knots of intensity coming from the south.


Xavier Trias, the mayor of Barcelona, highlighted at the recent presentation of the regatta “the tremendous contribution of the nautical sports to the richness of the city, its citizens and the thousands of visitors that every year meet the city- Those last ones also enjoy unique spectacles like this one and are the first ones to spread it all over the world”.

On the other hand, Marc Puig, CEO of Puig, said “Barcelona, with the Puig Vela Clàssica, has a race worthy of the city’s stature and an event where modernity and traditions go hand in hand. For us it’s a real honour to bring to the city and to its residents an event that has been specially developed for classic yachts and which, thanks to the efforts of the participating entities, crews and lovers of sailing in all its forms, has become a reference among classic yacht races in the Mediterranean”.