• The Port Bell waters had became a catwalk where vintage yachts coming from more than 10 countries from Europe and America had paraded
  • More than ever Puig and the RCNB (Barcelona Royal Yacht Club) wanted to involve the Catalan society to this nautical competition, which is a referent on the international circuit of the classic yachting
  • Most of the regatta passed parallel to the coast, therefore hundreds of people had the opportunity to enjoy this nautical spectacle from the beaches of Barcelona

From this morning the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club receives more than 40 classic and vintage boats that take part in the 5th edition of the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona regatta. More than 600 sailors have been working since really early this morning to tune up their yachts before the start of the trial disputed on the first day of the regatta, a competition that is included in the official calendar of the Real Federación Española de Vela (RFVE) and counts towards the Spanish Vintage and Classic Boats Championship.

More than ever Puig and the RCNB (Barcelona Royal Yacht Club) wanted to involve the Catalan society. With that aim they’ve turned the Port Vell into a catwalk where authentic nautical treasures of the Mediterranean had paraded.

This morning the citizens of Barcelona who where at the beaches had the opportunity to witness the regatta from the sand, as the yachts had paraded at less than one kilometre of the coast between the Fòrum and the Port Olímpic. Therefore citizens and visitors have been able to witness very precisely the evolution of the boats and their unfurled sails to the wind.

First leaders of the general classification

Wind’s punctuality on the race course of Barcelona, allowed the Committee to adhere to the proposed schedule and start the output sequence of the four participant classes of the Puig Vela Clàssica at 1 o’clock in the midday.

The competition program consisted in 13,7 miles (25km) coastal track in 5 stretches, distributed above a marked rectangle. The wind started blowing from the southeast with 12 knots of intensity. Throughout the day the wind backed to the south at the same time its intensity increased until the 17 knots.

The impressive Big Boats were the first class to start. From the very first moment the Thendara of the Palma Royal Yacht Club has dominated its two direct competitors. The discreet start of the Moonbeam IV has allowed to its little brother, the Moonbeam III, to defend the second position without stopping its harassment to the leader Thendara, which finally imposed itself with a margin of scant an minute.

The ending of the Classics has been more relaxed. The local Alba has imposed itself clearly after recovering its starting delay. Its initial movement to the left side has allowed the Alba to overcome some positions before showing all its potential. The British Outlaw kept its second position without getting involved in the duel between the Argos, from the New York Yacht Club, and the locals Diana and Silver Racing. The trial has been finally resolved in that order.

At the Vintage boats class: Marconi and Gaff Rigged Class, its respective winners have been the Manitou from the New Port Yacht Club and the Malabar X from the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club. The Cometa and the Amorita have completed the Marconi’s podium. The Amorita has headed a closed group where there was also The Blue Peter, the Sonata, the Almaran and the Eilidh. All of them put in two minutes after the times’ compensation. The winner at the Gaff Rigged Class has been the Malabar X, followed by the British Avel and the German Kalpie.

Results and classifications of the first day