• In this second day has taken place a really technical and spectacular start In front of the Olympic port of Barcelona thanks to the exciting duels between this competitive fleet
  • Each one of the yachts it’s an historic piece that the skipper and the crew care vary carefully to keep its original spirit

The Olympic Port of Barcelona has been the location responsible for holding the second day’s departure of the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona regatta. The yachts have been sailing near the coast up to the W Hotel, so the people from the coast could enjoy, another day, from this unique performance of naval treasures.

One of the most catching characteristics of the race is that, because the yachts sail very close to each other, the crews are able to watch their competitors’ sailing skills and movements, what makes the regatta more interesting.

The smallest the main character of the day

The second day of the Puig Vela Clássica Barcelona regatta has had a clear main character: the southwest wind. With an intensity of 14-18 knots this summer classic has covered the whole regattas’ field in Barcelona.

With such a meteorological gift, the Race Committee hasn’t doubted a second about organizing a trip around the coast of 18’5 miles (33 km), which took place in five stretches with different course, even though the most technical journeys have been today’s main character.

Again, It was the Big Boats fleet the responsible for opening the day, with the Moonbeam III and the Thendara offering a thrilling intersection right after the start, in which the first became the winner and could escape while the Moonbeam IV stayed a bit lagging and began to sail faster in order to overtake his “little brother” before completing half of the journey. Even though, after finishing the race and applying the time’s handicap according to the different sizes, the Moonbeam III took advantage of its impeccable strategy and manoeuvres to win the race, followed by Moonbeam IV and Thendara. After a revision of yesterday’s classification, in which the order is the same as today, the Moonbeam III leaderships the category until tomorrow’s race, which will elucidate the Big Boats category.

The victory of Gonçalo Duarte Silva with his Silva Racing in the Classics category has been glorious. It is a small boat (about 7’68 m length) whose small size hardens its sailing conditions with these winds, and whose slower velocity makes its racing time longer. However, the “savoir-faire” of its crew (formed by three people) overcame the Alba after the times compensation. Although it couldn’t win, Alba got the second position in front of the British Outlaw. Following it, the Argos, which completes the names list of the favourite yachts for the final victory of Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona. The Diana was the fifth classified because of its inappropriate sail for this kind of race, staying far from the fourth main aspirants.

Today’s win has been narrower than yesterday’s: the Malabar X won in the Gaff Rigged Class, in which Avel showed its potential and saw how the distance from the leader became considerably smaller regarding yesterday’s race. Again, the Kelphie classified in the third position, while the Gipsy was able to compete after fixing its breakdown. The two partial first places of the Malabar X let it dream about the trophy of the Gaff Rigged Class, but the Avel’s presence won’t let it slow down.

The outcome in the Marconi Class seems clearer, in which the Manitou showed its awesome sailing skills again. Without using big sails, the crew was able to manage the yacht perfectly and distance from its competitors. This time, the second place was for the Argyll (which yesterday ended the seventh), while the Amarita repeated being the third. The Cometa, which was second yesterday, ended in the fifth place today. That means that the Cometa and the Amarita are both in the third place in the classification, what anticipates a tough fight for the second place, waiting for the Manitou to make a mistake, which prevents its victory in Marconi Class.

Results and classifications of the second day