• More than 600 owners and sailors coming from ten different countries from Europe and America had raced for one of the most famous trophies of the classic yachting
  • Marc Puig, President of Puig; Maite Fandos, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona and Enrique Corominas, president of the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club delivered the trophies to the owners of the winner ships of the different classes of the regatta
  • Barcelona has turned into a floating museum for some days. Enjoyed from the sea and the coast of the city for thousands of people
  • The Puig Vela Clàssica reaffirms its position as a reference competition among the international circuit of historic yachts

Barely minutes ago the last day of 5th Puig Vela Clàssica finished succesfully. The regatta has been competed since the last Thursday on the waters of Barcelona. Sailing boats and sailors from ten different countries have competed for one of the most prestigious trophies of the Mediterranean classics international circuit.

The winners of each category have been the boats: Alba (Classics), Moonbeam III (Big Boats), Malabar X (Gaff Rigged) and Manitou (Marconi). They all have received their award of the hand of Marc Puig, President of Puig; Maite Fandos, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona for Life Quality, Equality and Sports; Enrique Corominas, President of RCNB and Damián Ribas, Alba’s owner and RCNB Comodore.

Tension until the last moment of the competition

Today has benn celebrated the third, last and decisive day of competition, with a new decoration at the race course. If the 42 participating ships enjoyed Garbí best thermal wind yesterday, bright sun and very little swell, the conditions have changed today. A dull day with some rainy moments, weak wind and a little unstable from the east and a brave sea have required the maximum attention of the crews to avoid tactical faults that could make them lose their firs psotions.

The boat races committee opted for a coastal route, this time with a distance of 12,5 miles (22 km) only, consisting of an initial difference stretch before sailing the four planned stretches. The Moonbeam III dominates the Big Boats way out again, achieving some distance from their biggest rivals in size: Thendara and Moonbeam IV, being furthermore capable of keeping the leadership in real time during a large part of the route. Nevertheless, the Moonbeam IV finishing line advantage was insufficient to break it on the time compensation.

The Thendara, which did not found its place at the racing track of Barcelona, finished third, while the Moonbeam III consolidates the final victory. The positions combination left the Thendara and the Moonbea IV drawed. But that was favourably solved by the first, fruit of its best partial times.

The Classics fleet was very distributed at the starint line, standing out the Outlaw, the Alba and the Diana at the beginning; while the Argos and the Silver Racing leaved backwards. At the same time that the three leaders were taking some distance, the Diana lost options when its spinny fall down in the water just before hoisting it at the first mark. Further back, the Argos started a slow, but constant retrieval which permitted him to pass the Diana on the third pace.

The leading courses allowed the Alba to impose its potential, achieving after the time compensation a huge victory above the Outlaw, what make it the indisputable winner of the category; honour that was already achieved in the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona first edition competed in 2008.

The Outlaw finished second on the general classification, followed bt the Argos, the Diana and the Siva Racing.

First partial victory for the Avel at the third trial of the Gaff Rigged Class. The Avel hasn’t han any problemes to beat the Kalpie and the Malabar X, who started delayed and didn’t find the conditions to favour the god benefits that in past days make it dominate its rivals. For this, even though the draw at 5 points with the Avel at the final classification, its better partials allow the Malabar X obtain the victory, sharing the podium with the Avel and the KAlpie in that order.

The Amorita started as a missil, being aware of its need to win this trial to get the trophy and therefore also expecting the Manitou’s mistake on the same. That happened on the first moments of the route, but the Manitou keep calmed and finally finished third on the trial. 3 points for the Manitou that asured its final victory and relieve the Peter at the record on the Marconi’s Class. Meanwhile the Amorita reaffirmed its second final place, the Cometa, fifth today, gained the third place, though the Sonata’s recovery that after finishing second on this trial ends at just one point of the podium.
Final classifications (trophies)


1. Clase Big Boat: Moonbeam III
2. Clase Clásicos: Alba
3. Trofeo Enrique Puig: Alba y Thendara
4. Trofeo Época Marconi: Manitou
5. Trofeo Época Cangreja: Malabar X


Malabar X


Moonbeam III