This yacht was comissioned to Carabela shipyard by some famous Catalan doctors, who sold it in 1972 to its current owner Don Lucinao Díaz Canelo, an architect living in Madrid. That’s why it was first kept in Almeria’s harbour, in 2009 moved to Ibiza and currently is in R.C.N. Palma.

It has sailed across the Mediterranean to places such as Greece, Turkey, Porto Rotondo, Sardinia and Imperia, and has always responded well.

Its participation in several races is successful and it won many prizes:

  • Several times winner of its kind in Conde of Barcelona.
  • 1st Salt Route, 1st of its kind during several years
  • Winner of the Salt Route during East version in 1992
  • Winner in Classic boats of Hublot Palma Vela
  • 2nd classified in Imperia Classic Panerai Trophy
  • 1st Classic Cup Puig 2009
  • Classic Spanish Championship 2009
  • Runner-up Puig Vela Clásica 2010