Hallowe’en is an old Marconi yacht inspired on the 15 metres. The same year it was launched the yacht won the Fastnet regatta obtaining a record that hasn’t been beaten yet. The Hallowe’en has sailed both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. It also sailed in Norway under the name of Magda XII. The Prince Olaf, future king of Norway, was a regular guest of the Hallowee’en.

Between the 40’s and the 50’s, under the name of Cotton Blossom IV, sailed in America wining numerous regattas.

During the 80’s and thanks to the particular generosity of a private man to whom the yacht was donated, the Hallowe’en was restored at the Classic Boat Museum of Newport

Along its life, the Hallowe’en has passed from the Marconi’s to the auric category. In 1993, during its restoration in Barcelona, it became again part of the Marconi’s category. In 1999 the Hallowe’en was sold to a Dutch man. The architect Fife defined the yacht as a “perfect jewel”.