• The German Trivia and the Danish Vanitiy V in second and third place in the honors
  • The weather has made the boats had to wait for the southwest wind to blow harder
  • Tomorrow Thursday the 12 meters will have their day of rest whereas the Puig Vela Clàssica will start its competition

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Barcelona, July 16th 2014. The third day of the Puig 12mR World Championship has been characterised by the wind or, better said, by the lack of it. The competition has begun with almost two hours of delay, but this delay has been worth it as when the race has restarted, the Nyala of Patricio Bertelli has given a master class of all her power at the open sea.

The day of the 12mR World Championship has begun with the uncertainty of the wind, as the struggle between the southwest and the easterly wind has forced the regatta committee to hoist the postponement flag until the situation changed. Finally the southwest wind started blowing and at 14:45 the starting signal of the first race of the day, the fifth of the championship, has been heard.

If in the first round, the intensity has varied between 8 and 10 knots, in the second one, having rolled a little to the west (from the initial 195°, they have sailed with 205°), the wind blew a few knots less as he afternoon drew on.

Double victory of Nyala, who gets closer to the 12 Meters World Champion title

The Italian Nyala has starred again a monologue in the first round, after leaving through the midpoint of the line and immediately veering to right of the upwind, to cross the bow of her rivals and turn towards the windward buoy. In the following three sections she has been comfortably stretching her advantage, controlling all the time her potential rivals in the general classification. On her stern, the Danish Vanity V took possession of the second position, controlling the British Wings and German Trivia.

In the second round of the day, the Nyala, steered by Francesco Bruni, won another victory, despite this time she had to squeeze the most from her talent. After a good start and heading to the coast side, controlling with authority half of the fleet, by the sea side a turn in the wind allowed the Wings, the Vim and the Vanity V to creep. Showing her quality, the Nyala amended the flat in the second section, finishing the first downwind with a trivial length of delay respect to the Wings, whom he beat comfortably in the second upwind. After the Wings, the Danish Vanity V completed the podium of such round.

Computed the six races held in this first three days, and after discarding the worst partial result, the Nyala accumulates 6 points. If the first position seems to have an owner already, the second place will have to be decided in the last downwind. Up to the moment, the Trivia occupies the first position with 13 points, followed by the 14 points of the Vanity V and the only 15 points of the Wings.

The 12 meters Rest and the Puig Vela VII Clàssica Barcelona takes over it

On Thursday the 12 meters class takes a well-deserved rest until Friday, while sailboats of the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona begin their first day of competition. This regatta of classic boats brings together about 1.000 sailors from Spain and other parts of the world such as Argentina, France, UK and Italy.

Both competitions will end on the 19th of this month, closing an exceptional week in which more than fifty nautical jewelry are involved. The combination of both regattas will perform a show unique in the world that besides will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Puig and its passion and commitment to the nautical world and Barcelona.

This VII Edition of the Regatta is organized in three different categories, according to the design, age and size of the boats: Vintage boats (boats made of wood or metal launched before the 31st of December 1949). Classic Boats (built in wood or metal, in accordance with the original plans and launched between the 1st of January 1950 and the 31st of December 1975) and Big Boats (Vintage and Classic boats with lengths from 25 meters).

Rankings at the end of the third day