Flota 12 metros en la tercera jonrada del Mundial Puig 12mR

Barcelona, 17th of July 2014. After the beginning of the Puig 12mR World Championship on Monday 14th, sailors take a day off today to hand on the baton to the VII Puig Vela Clàssica. Both competitions will end on the 19th, closing day of a unique nautical week in which more than fifty boats have participated. The combination of both regattas offers a fantastic show that commemorates Puig’s 100 years of life  and strengthens its commitment to the nautical world and the city.

Nyala,  Trivia and  Vanity V undisputed leaders so far

Completed the six races held in the first three days of the Puig 12mR World Championship, the Nyala has a total of 6 points and thus occupies the first position. If the first position already seems to have an owner, the second one will have to be decided in the final downwind. Right now, the Trivia is the leader with 13 points, Vanity V accumulates 14 and the Wings only 15.

The fleet racing in this World Championship, the first to be celebrated in Spain, specifically from this class, is composed of sailboats from seven nationalities, with almost 100 sailors of the highest international level. These sailboats have played a very significant role in the development of sport sailing during the XXth century, and their designs were created by some of the best naval architects of the world: Fife, Burgess, Nicholson and Stephens, among others.

Since its inception in 1907, 196 sailboats have been built and many of them have participated in sporting events as relevant as the Olympic Games of 1908, 1912 and 1920; the elegant regattas in Britain and Europe of the 30s; as well as ten editions of the America’s Cup from 1958 to 1987, thus becoming authentic nautical treasures.

The 12m Class maintains her youth and strength

INTERVIEW WITH: Nicola Sironi ORC Measurement Responsible and former World Championship sailor

Nicola Santoni en el Real Club Nautico de Barcelona
Nicola Sironi the highest worldwide authority of the 12 meters class is these days watching the Puig 12mR World Championship. His association with the 12 Meter goes far beyond his link with the ORC, he started in 1980, or his roles as Measurement Responsible of the ORC or as a Measurement Responsible in the 12 M Class. Sironi has been great sailor, with victories including the 1980 One Ton Cup that took place in Naples and his competition in the Azzurra, as a Challenger of the 1983 America’s Cup. Certainly, he can offer a really worthy knowledge and an opinion.

According to Sironi “the 12 Meters are still really as attractive as they were the when they were built, some of which we have here, more than 80 years ago. They are very competitive and technical boats, whose regulations were based on a very good measurement rule. A real proof of this is that even after almost a century, the equality in the fleet still continues. Shipowners and crews like competing in boats with characteristics and performances as similar as possible, where the human factor performance is the element that really tips the scale. This is what the 12 Meters class offers, so this is why it is here to stay, because it is a class fitted with good arguments to endure”.

The expert noted that “this boats demand a very experienced crew and therefore we’re meeting these days in Barcelona professional sailors and the highest level experts and fans. For example, in the case of the Nyala, the presence of  Prada’s crew of the America’s Cup, is not detrimental to the class, where the rest of crews are basically amateur and feel encouraged to compete with the best sailors. I think it will cause the opposite effect, one more attraction for the class. In the previous World Championship celebrated in Flensburg (2009, Germany) the Nyala already won without them, and perhaps she did it more forcefully than what she can get at this issue edition”.

About this regatta he states that “there is no doubt that Barcelona is a great regatta course, the thermal wind makes things easier. But it is not only about the regatta course, because the races most to be organised and controlled well in the water, and here they know how to do it. It is also important to have some effective ground facilities and the Real Club Náutico from Barcelona does so. But above all, I would like to emphasize the great willingness of the club to organize races, they really like that, and besides this helpfulness can be felt and it creates an amazing atmosphere, it results in improvements in all key aspects for sportsmen at offshore and ashore”.

In conclusion, Nicola Sironi thanks, on behalf of the entire 12m fleet “Puig for the effort they have made to bring together a group of boats as qualified as the one sailing in this World Championship. Vessels are very delicate, even when they have to be transported by truck. It requires a lot of effort and resources, and Puig has invested a lot of thrill to make this Championship happen”.