• Barcelona will host from July 11th to 14th one of the most highlighted and refreshing events of the season
  • Emblematic classic yachts as the Moonbeam IV, the Creole and the Avel, are already registered

The 5th Edition of the Puig Vela Clàssica Regatta will be held from July 11th to 14th in Barcelona and it’s one of the most expected events of the summer. This unique show of beauty, skill and elegance will gather at the Royal Yacht Club of Barcelona the elite of international classic, vintage and tradition sailing.

After the success of the four previous events and its national and international renown, the regatta has became one of the main attractive events of the Catalan capital that is gaining unreserved followers every year.

Barcelona, a unique event in the heart of the Mediterranean capital

One year again Barcelona’s waters will host this unique and exclusive spectacle, where some of the jewels of the nautical world will be present. There is no other city in the world that hosts a classic yacht regatta like the race held each year in Barcelona. In this occasion the Catalan capital will presume of some legendary boats. Authentic master pieces of the naval architecture as de Moonbeam III and the Moonbeam IV, the Malabar X, The Blue Peter, the Creole or the Avel (those last ones belonging to Gucci’s family).

The 5th edition of the Puig Vela Clàssica regatta is one of the rare opportunities (in the year and indeed in the world) to witness these “historic and cultural” yachts in action: an experience usually reserved for the privileged few

Puig, a family and a business closely connected with the sea

Puig it’s a fashion and fragrance family company with its headquarters in Barcelona. Nowadays Puig’s company employs 3.500 people all around the world and sells its products in more than 130 countries. Puig’s long history has maintained a natural connection with water sports in general and in particular with sailing. A passion for sailing is something that the entire Puig family share as it reflects many values with which the company identifies: team work, expertise, and a commitment to perfection are fundamental to achieving success in this sport.