• After the successful four previous events, the 5th Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona consolidates as the reference meeting point for lovers of classic Mediterranean sailing
  • In this occasion, Barcelona will boast legendary sailing boats and real works of art from marine engineering such as Moonbeam III and Moonbeam IV, Malabar X, Creole, Avel or The Blue Peter
  • The quadrilateral itineraries will again bring the participating boats closer to the beaches of Barcelona for the public to enjoy

Barcelona is preparing to host the 5th Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona Regatta, which will gather the best fleet of classic and vintage boats of the Mediterranean. This unmissable event for sea lovers, which will assemble the most representative personalities of classic sailing, will be held from July 11th to 14th.

After the success of the four previous events and its national and international renown, the 5th Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona has consolidated itself as one of the world’s main events of classic sailing due to its participants and its exclusive atmosphere, that is gaining unreserved followers every year.

More and more people are visiting the Catalan capital city to attend this event, well-known for the beauty of its setting and the cultural richness of its surroundings. Puig, continuing with its long tradition of sponsoring sports, will turn the waters of the Catalan capital city into a floating museum and a unique show for its residents and visitors.

Marc Puig, CEO of the company, said that “the company has always been very committed to Barcelona and this regatta is the best way to foster our potential, which will place the city in a strategic area of culture, history and sport”.

Hundred-year-old boats from all over the world

Around fifty classic and vintage boats, from our country and other countries of the world (England, France, United States, Italy etc.), are expected to sail with the intention of offering a passionate show of pure marine tradition, which can rarely be seen in a major capital like Barcelona.

During the four days of next July, anyone visiting this cosmopolitan city will have the satisfaction of appreciating first-hand, the hundred-year-old sailing boats which are real works of art and constitute a priceless historic legacy. Many of these boats, encouraged by the high level of competition and the success of previous events, have decided to once again take part in this years running of the regatta.

This is the case of Moonbeam III and Moonbeam IV, The Blue Peter or Malabar X, Creole, Avel which are already among those registered. Other boats like Diana, Islander, Flika or Cascabel will also be present in an event where boats will compete for a trophy which is becoming more and more of a reference in European classic sailing. More are expected to join this list in the following weeks.

In this 5th Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona Regatta, four different categories have been established according to design, age and dimensions of the participating boats:

  • Vintage Boats: boats built from wood or metal, launched before December 31st 1949.
  • Classic Boats: boats made from wood or metal according to the original plans and launched between January 1st 1950 and December 31st 1975.
  • Spirit of Tradition Boats: these are boats that due to the alterations that have been made to them cannot be measured in accordance to the measurement regulations. Also in this category are boats built in 1970 or in later years using modern materials and techniques, with an ultimate look and style that are loyal to a traditional classic or vintage plan.
  • Big Boat: Classic and Vintage Boats with a length not less than 25 meters. A minimum of 3 registered boats is required to set up a Group.